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Aug 05, 2008 at 12:35 AM

Dynamic Graphic Location Question in XI Release 2


Hi All,

I 've had a search through the forums, but can't find an answer to this.

I have a simple purchase order report that is used by some software of ours that used to be in CR 7. Each site that uses the report has a different logo at the top. Previously I had to create a seprate version with a static logo. I have now upgrade to Crystal XI and am using the Dynamic Graphic Location feature so the users can change their logos if they need to.

The problem is, each site's logo is a different size, so when I load it dynamically, it gets squashed or elongated.

Is there a way of loading the image without it automatically resizing to the OLE object size ?

I have tried making the initial OLE object image small, then using 'Can Grow' but this does not seem to work.

If not, then I'm left with the option of specifying that the image must be a specific size, including white space.

There only seems to be a formula for X and Width , not height, else I might be able to pass in width and height as parameters (converted from pixels to cms) and resize the image that way.

I should note that this report is being called using the RDC in VB 6

Anyone got any ideas ??