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Aug 04, 2008 at 06:02 PM

Form with matrix - which event can I use


Hello world!

If one of the SAP forms (Bill of Materials) is loaded I have to do some inits on form level and some checks in the matrix.

I tried different events to do this. When I open the form (it opens in search mode) I get event 'FormLoad' which is of no use here because in search mode there is no data. When I select a bill of material from this point, the event is not fired again.

I catch event 'FormDataLoad' when I select a certain bill of materials but now I can access only data on form level (items, which are not the matrix). If I try to access matrix data an error occurs:

Error in FormDataEvent handling: The object reference is not set to an object instance

Events 'MatrixLoad' oder 'DatasourceLoad' are never catched.

Does somebody has an idea which event I have to use?

Thank you!

Frank Romeni