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No External ID for Sales Order after 'Sales Order Replication from C4C to S4 HANA'

Hello SAP Community!

We are facing an issue around the 'Sales Order Replication from C4C to S4 HANA', we are not getting the External ID after a Sales Order creation/replication from C4C to S4 Hana, the External ID field remains empty even when the Sales Order was successfully replicated in S4 Hana.

Please see the next image sequence.


The 9000000209 Sales Order was created in C4C, the External ID field is empty.


The inbound iDoc is processed successfully in S4 Hana


Checking the VBAK table, the you are able to see the Sales Order code (External Id for C4C) and the Ref. doc (C4C Code)


Just for testing purposes we execute the RCOD_SALES_ORDER_EXTRACT report (report to replicate the Sales Order that were created in S4 and you need to replicate to C4C)



*The outbound iDoc 0000000000009518 - COD_REPLICATE_SALES_ORDER was created

And just after the RCOD_SALES_ORDER_EXTRACT report execution we are able to see / replicate the External Id inC4C



Our understanding is that the External Id should be replicated automatically to C4C just after the Sales Order creation from C4C to S4 Hana, but not sure,

How does this scenario work in S4 HANA? (not ERP)

Automatically or we need to execute regularly that report?

Thanks in advance!

ext-id-1.jpg (188.3 kB)
ext-id-2.jpg (160.0 kB)
ext-id-3.jpg (83.0 kB)
ext-id-4.jpg (87.9 kB)
ext-id-5.jpg (111.5 kB)
ext-id-6.jpg (109.8 kB)
ext-id-7.jpg (143.9 kB)
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2 Answers

  • Mar 08, 2018 at 06:11 PM


    Just to share more details!

    Something tricky about the Transfer Status in C4C, this Transfer Status remains in 'IN PROCESS' until you execute the RCOD_SALES_ORDER_EXTRACT to replicate the External ID for C4C.

    Check the following sequence.


    The 9000000220 Sales Order was created in C4C and replicated to S4 HANA successfully,

    The External ID is Empty and the Transfer Status is 'In Process' even when the Sales Order was replicated successfully.


    The Sales Doc. in S4 Hana is 454 and the Ref. doc is 9000000220 (C4C Code)


    Run the RCOD_SALES_ORDER_EXTRACT report for that specific Sales Order in S4 HANA (454)


    The External ID is replicated (454) and the 'Transfer Status' is FINISHED

    It makes a little sense, but how does this 'Transfer Status' really work?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Mar 08, 2018 at 06:36 PM

    Dear Juan Carlos Camacho Garduño,

    The transfer status will be "In Process" until the confirmation comes back from S4. This confirmation is triggered via output type COD4. Since you are manually triggering RCOD_SALES_ORDER_EXTRACT to send Order replication to C4C, indirectly you are doing the same. COD4 basically triggers order replication IDoc to C4C, and once this message(CustomerOrderReplicationIn) is successfully processed in C4C ExternalID and Transfer status are updated.

    So kindly configure COD4 output type for your Sales Order transaction type, this can be done in VV12 tcode.

    I hope this helps.


    Shivanand B H

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