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Aug 04, 2008 at 05:24 PM

Validation Errors


Hello everyone.

I am trying to create validations that are dependant on the country chosen by the user. For example, I have a number of validations that say if the user selects the country as "US", than the company code must be "1001", the lockbox must be "xxxx", etc.

Then, I duplicated the validations above and did the same for if the user selects "CA" for the country.

My validations look like this: (example for US country dependant on a certain Company Code):

IF(FIND(Country.Code, "US"), Company Code Data.Company Code.Code = "1001", FALSE)

When I go to check these validations, if I enter US as the country, then I get all my error messages I created for the use of CA as the country.

Example: If I created a customer that was from US and used all the correct info, I still get all of my Canadian error messages even though the country was US, not CA so they shouldn't be coming up. Any ideas?

I will most definately reward points for help!