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Aug 04, 2008 at 02:07 PM

Increse No of BGP while data load and how to bypass the DTPin Process Chain


Hello All,

We want to improve the performance of the loads. Currently we are loading the data from external Data Base though DB link. Just to mention we are on BI 7 system. We are by passing the PSA to load the data quickest. Unfortunately we cannot use PSA. Because loads times are more when we use PSA. So we are directly accessing views on external data base. Also external data base is indexed as per our requirement.

Currently our DTP is set to run on the 10 parallel processes (on DTP settings for batch Batch Manager with job class A). Even though we set to 10 we can see loads are running on 3 or 4 Back ground parallel processes only. Not sure why. Does any one know why it is behaving like that and how to increase them?

If I want to split the load into three. (Diff DTPs with Different selections). And all three will load the data into same info provider parallel. We have the routine in the selection that will look a table to get the respective selection conditions and all three DTPs will kick off parallel as part of the process chain.

But in some cases we only get the data for two or oneDTPs(depends on the selection conditions). In this case is there any way in routine or process chain to say that if there is no selection for that DTP then ignore that DTP or set to success for that DTP and process chain should continue.

Really appreciate your help.