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Aug 04, 2008 at 01:52 PM

Crystal Reports 2008 database error


I want to make a change to an already existing Crystal Report. The database table(s) were specified with the "add Command" command and so the report uses an SQL command to access the tables. (An ODBC connection is used to access tables.) When I go to the database expert and edit the "Command", make a change (or no change for that matter) and click save, I get the following error message:

Invalid Argument Provided.

Details: The alias requested 'Command', contains a combination of characters which is not considered to be valid.

I know a similar error occurred in an earlier version of Crystal, but please note I am using Crystal Reports 2008. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Does anyone know a fix or workaround?



Here is one of the SQLs that I am talking about:

SELECT T.BatchNum, T.InstNum, T.SiteNumber, T.RecDate, T.RecTime, T.Dept, T.VoidStatus, T.BookCode, T.BookNum, T.BPageNum, Concat(T.BookCode, ' ', T.BookNum, ' ', T.BPageNum) as 'Cd Bk Pg', T.InstCode, T.InstDescIndexing, T.TotalPages, T.Operator, A.Code

FROM TBL_Transactions T

left outer join TBL_ARtrans A on A.BatchNum = T.BatchNum

where T.BatchNum = {?Com_BatchNum}