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Aug 04, 2008 at 11:53 AM

Load balancing and RFC problem



I have a problem regarding load balancing and RFC's. We use the follow function in librfc32.dll (from VB6) for RFC calls: RfcOpenExt It's working fine no problem, but from now on we will have to use the this funcion due to load balancing: RfcOpenExtV3

The only difference between the two functions is the parameters. RfcOpenExtV3 has 5 additional parameters:

intLoadBalance1, strLbHost1, strLbSysName1, strLbGroup1, intSapGui1

I asked our tech guys for the details so that I can set up the parameters (double check everything) and the RfcOpenExtV3 doesn't working. Return value is zero.

Have somebody faced with this issue before?

Thanks in advance!