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Aug 04, 2008 at 11:34 AM



Hi Gurus,

I am a fresher working on IDOC adapters.......I need to write a code for the following logic..

Can anybody help me in doing this....

Full marks would be given for the right answer.

here is the logic..

Object : Method PO_ME_1060_Z1EDLHAD in the class ZVXX_CL_FILL_SEGMENTS

For Message Type ZSHPMNT_ASN

Read Idoc Data

Loop at Segnam E1EDL20

Loop at segnam E1EDL24

if E1EDL24- LFIMG ne 0 whereas E1EDL26-PSTVY ne ZPAL

Do nothing, stop further validation.

Else if E1EDL24- LFIMG eq 0 whereas E1EDL26-PSTVY ne ZPAL

Populate Z1EDLHAD-ZDELCUT with value "Y"

End if

End if

thanks in advance..