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Aug 04, 2008 at 10:30 AM

Enhancement of column selection in WD ALV



I got a request to enhance the column selection functionality. As you know the alv table provides a user definied column selection tab (under Settings -> Column Selection) to add or remove columns on the output tab.

The point is that this selection of columns doesn't proivde a categorization of columns. In my case there are a bunch of columns so that it is very hard for the user to find the wanted column in the existing selection table. What I need are categories to pre-select the entries in the "hidden columns"-table.

For Example:

existing columns are: material number, material description, weight1, weight2, weight3, size1, size2, size3

The hidden columns tab would now consists of all these columns if there are no columns displayed.

What I want is a categorization like the following:

weight: weight1, weight2, weight3

size: size1, size2, size3

When the user wants to add a column to his output tab (e.g. size2), he must choose the category "size" (e.g. realized as a dropdown box) and the "Hidden Columns"-tab consists of size1, size2, size3.

From my point of view the only way to proivde this functionality is to write an own "column selection". Or do you have any other ideas for this? Is there an interface to configure the settings menu or the "column selection"-tab?

Thanks & Regards,