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help needed on error message: Can only grant privileges for objects owned by _SYS_REPO

Mar 07 at 03:35 PM


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Hi All,

Need some help on HANA security as hana security is not my sweet spot.

When i executed below command i'm getting "

Can only grant privileges for objects owned by _SYS_REPO, not for YS0h01"


How do i check is the schema YS0h01 own by _SYS_REPO? and what action do i need to do inorder to make YS0h01 own by _SYS_REPO? I've done some reading on and the questions posted here, but couldn't find what the answer required.

How do i achieve something like below??

Thanks in advance!



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Anyone pls? I just want to clear my doubt on how _SYS_REPO is the grantor for e.g. SAPBAA ??

Thanks in advance!


think i move one step further and found out it is a design time role. Thus, i go to the content and able to find the role, add another schema into the role and activate it, unluckily i'm having error "Not authorized at ptime/query/checker/" probably due to

User _SYS_REPO is not allowed to grant privilege EXECUTE for SCHEMA YS01H01

I tried execute "GRANT execute ON SCHEMA YS01H01 to _SYS_REPO WITH GRANT OPTION;" but failed. FYI, schema

YS01H01 is generated by SLT, since we don't know its password, how do we run grant execute to _SYS_REPO in this case?

Appreciate if someone can shed some light on this.


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1 Answer

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Former Member Mar 12 at 07:14 PM

Hi Nicholas,

Are you able to get this resolved. when you say YS01H01 is generated by SLT? is SLT the user who owns the schema.

I think only the owner of schema YS0h01 will be able to grant access to _sys_repo with grant option.

you can find the owner in view SYS.SCHEMAS.



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