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Aug 04, 2008 at 09:23 AM

MRP is creating duplicate planned orders


Hi Friends

I observed a surprising problem in MRP run.

E,G; BOM structure is FG1-SFG1-SFG2-R1

Lets say the reqmt date for material code FG1 against a network(project planning) is 15.09.08. So the production order finish date is 15.09.08 & start date is 10.09.08 ( 5 days is routing time). So production order finish date for SFG1 is 10.09.08 and start date is 01.09.08(09 routing time) And so on the dates for production order SFG2 & PR for R1.

Case 1) Now I changed the finish date and start date of SFG2 production order to 10.12.08 & 01.12.08 respectively, So on MRP run system is creating some msg like start date in past, reqmt not covered etc. Here no problem.

Case 2) But if I shift the date of SFG2 to a far long say 11.12.2011 then on MRP run, system is creating extra planned orders for SFG2 to meet the reqmt. So extra PR for R1 too ( one for the old production order another for new planned order) is getting generated.

Why it is like this? Why it is creating 1 more proposal in 2nd case?

Why it is not creating the same extra planned order for case 1 since in both the cases the production orders are in furure date.

Is there any days limit in system? If so how to change the setting? Pls guide

You too can so this test in your system. I checked in 3 different Sap servers/clients. Same problem.

Thanks & regds