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Call Transaction BDC is not updating FB05

6 days ago


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Dear Experts,

I have a BDC program which is updating FB05 in foreground. when I schedule it as a background job, it is not updating. I have seen few solutions given in SCN but nothing works.

Few of the solutions which i tried are

1. passed mode as 'Q'.

2. -passed CTU_PARAMS as follows

lv_opt-DISMODE = 'N'.
lv_opt-UPDMODE = 'A'.
lv_opt-NOBINPT = 'X'.

Please throw some light.


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  1. Did you check the messages returned in background, and which return code?
  2. Does the job run under a different user? (issue with authorizations or with date/number formats)
  3. In background, the batch input runs with the default screen size. Consequently, you must absolutely record the transaction with the "default screen size" so that the number of lines in table controls does not vary between dialog/background.
  4. PS: to other people, Q is the same as N, but sets SY-BATCH = 'X'

Hi Sandra,

There is no error message. When I try in jdbg the sy-batch is 'X' but it post the entry.

Ramanan Panchapakesan

No "error" message, or no message at all? The difference is important with batch input, because technical errors are returned with type 'S'.

Moreover, are you talking about messages returned via INTO MESSAGES or in job log? I'm talking about INTO MESSAGES.

The difference between dialog and background is often because of SET/GET parameters (SAP memory), but you should get 'S' messages after INTO MESSAGES.

You didn't answer to the other important questions. PS: point 3 is a question too.

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2 Answers

G Lakshmipathi
6 days ago

Not sure whether system is trigger any error message. Did you try with report RFBIBL00?

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Ramanan Panchapakesan 5 days ago


I call the report rsbdcsub after the call transaction. I have given the program name as session name. but it is not working. can you tell me how to call this report.

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