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Aug 04, 2008 at 07:05 AM

Queries-Estimation & BOM


Dear All,

here i'm having few queries


1. customer type project ( project is completely new so dont know materials at this time)

2. requirement from customer

3. quotation

4. work order from Customer

5. creating sale order

6. then project starts ( some times prject starts before getting work order)

7. design activity starts.

8. they are not praparing complete BOM means doing partially as and when required.

9. starting project activites

10. then regular process i. release project, MRP RUN, Planned orders & pr. requistions,

11. converting Pl. orders to Prod. orders & pr. requ.

12then MIGO Production and delivery......... regular process...


1. Estimation (how to do estimation without any material master) info related Unit Costing? primary costing? activity Input?- in cost planning

2. as complete BOM is not available then how to tackle BOM Transfer & Project Based MRP.

3. how to get control on design change as DMS & ECM is out of scope.........

Thanks & Regards