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[Bug] Notification refreshes inconsistent

Mar 11 at 01:32 PM


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Third bug today, and no I'm not on a bug hunt! I just have a bit more time to report some of the low-priority stuff.

If I navigate from a notification to a post, and return via the "back" button, the unread counter decreases to zero but the notification is still shown as unread (sorry, screenshot went missing).

When I mark it as read, it goes negative:

Safari on Mac

As an aside, I have noticed that the read-marking behaviour when navigating via the notification also only works when it feels like it. Sometimes it gets marked as read, other times it doesn't.

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Hi, Mike:

I'll report to IT support.

Best regards,


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3 Answers

Vadim Kalinin Mar 20 at 07:49 AM

Just today:

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Sajid Amir
Mar 14 at 04:54 PM

Hello Mike,

I have experienced the same issue. After giving it some thought, I think I know why. When we press the browser "back" button I think it loads the older version of your notifications (one where you still have not pressed the link, and thus the notification in quesiton seems unread still). I have attempted to test the same thing but instead of pressing "back" I used the navigation bar on top and clicked on the universal avatar to reach notifications. And this time, it behaved correctly! I also re-tested your scenario, and after pressing "back" I pressed "refresh" on the notification stream, and then too it reflected the right read status of the notification. Looking forward to seeing if you maybe experienced the same behavior? In any instance, I think we have to find a way to shorten the cache or something so when users press "back" they still see the latest notification stream.



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My first guess would be that there are multiple components on the page and some are responding to the back and others aren't. The counter element responds and gets refreshed, but the message element doesn't. When I mark as read, the message element notifies the counter and ... something like that anyway, you get the picture.

As I said it's inconsistent, not sure if it's browser dependent or not. In the past few days I have not seen anything update, so not sure if anything changed. I will keep an eye out and try to find a reproducible scenario.

Jelena Perfiljeva
Mar 30 at 05:26 PM

There are definitely some issues with the read/unread notifications but so far they seem to happen sporadically and I can't pinpoint the exact scenario or pattern.

I've written before that sometimes I use "mark all as read" later the same notifications are displayed as not read. Was asked for a proof but to do that I have to take a screenshot at least twice a day and keep track of them. I try to do that for a few days and the bug doesn't happen, so I give up. And, of course, when I have no screenshots it happens again.

Lately though I've also seen that the counter on top simply doesn't match what is displayed below. Don't have a screenshot but at least once I got "no unread" on top while there are clearly several unread notifications below. Usually I keep notifications open in a tab, use right-click to open the respective items and then mark manually the ones that no longer need my attention.

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