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[Bug] Images are not always displayed inline

Mar 11 at 12:43 PM


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Why is it that images are sometimes not displayed?

I just posted a question and the images are just visible as links. After pasting didn't work (I keep trying just for fun), I saved and uploaded. But on posting, they were not visible inline

But oddly when I went back in to edit, they were there as I originally added them:

Files were jpegs created with Snagit for Mac, posted using Safari.

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Hi Mike,

What browser are you using?




As I wrote, files were jpegs created with Snagit for Mac, posted using Safari.


Sorry. Missed that. We will create a bug ticket.


Thanks, I have seen it on a few questions so has been lingering for a while.


Did you use the image button or attachment button? From my experience in Chrome and FF, if you use image button then the image is displayed. Otherwise a link is displayed (even when it's actually an image).

It is odd though that you get different result when editing...

Jelena Perfiljeva

The mountains button. It usually works, and is always shown correctly while writing but occasionally disappears after submitting.


Hi Mike,

Thanks for raising this issue. We have brought it to the attention of the IT team, and hopefully, we will have issue fixed soon.

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