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ABAP Web Service and tables

Mar 10 at 04:31 PM


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Hello to all, i know this subject is not completly abap related but any ideas are well recived. i made an abap web service and is working fine , has to tables , one to put data from my aplication to my web service , and the other is to take the data proceesed in sap and read it in the app. The table tha sap send to me as result is working fine , no problema at all , but the table i have to send to the web services has gave mi a big headake . allways pass 1 records , i try everything but nothing seems to work .

can someone give any idea, thanks

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Undoubtedly, your question is missing some data. I understand that you are consuming an ABAP web service from your VB dot net and you can send only one line to it, instead of several ones. Don't you think you should explain what your ABAP web service and VB dot net look like?


Sure i just asked like that because i was really tired of trying , as i said my web service works fine , but my vb app has that problmen , just when i send data from vb to sap ,the table just add 1 record no more



This are my declaration for the tables that works in my web services , RETUR for data from SAP to VB and CARGAS from to SAP,

The functionallity of the web service is to recive CARGAS with all the records i want and process them , After thar i response to the with the table RETUR with se same quantity of records of CARGAS , as a log

The problem is than when i try to put data to CARGAS only let me put 1 record , RETUR works fine , because i put a dummy procedure to append a few records 10 o more in the table just to probe and when it came back to show the 10 lines in a datagridview with no problem



can you show us some screen shot of your SAP Web Service ?

can you show your VB source code ?

If you try to test your SAP webservice not from vb then can you put more than one record in CARGAS ?


Sure no problem , this is my code in , what i try to ask is how can i send CARGAS with more than 1 record , but it needs to be fill in , if a fill then in abap no problem , in fact i fill the tables in sap and they get OK to but i need to fill q of the tables in and send it to SAP , i mean that's no a sap problem but a VB problem , i put the code in vb in here

  PWS.PreAuthenticate = True
        PWS.Credentials = CRED




        Catch ex As Exception
        End Try

        fin = New TimeSpan(DateTime.Now.Ticks)

        tiempo = fin - inicio

        Label3.Text = "Tiempo de Ejecucion: " & tiempo.TotalSeconds.ToString & " Segundos"
        Label3.Visible = True

        DataGridView2.DataSource = RETUR
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