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Former Member
Aug 04, 2008 at 02:34 AM

Printer problem (Default printer and Default page)


Dear All,

Would like to ask about how to set the Default Printer in B1? everytime i print the document, i need to choose the printer to be use although i have already set the default printer in Windows. My stupid solution is to set other printers offline, so when i print document in B1, it will chose the online printer. Any other method to do this?

And in the Sales-A/R -> Sales Reports -> Customer Receivable Reports, for example, there is 10 pages within 10 customers, everytime i need to chose the options "Customer statement report (One page per customer)" in order to print out customer by customer, or else, the print out will be like for customer 1, 1/10, for customer 2, 2/10 ... and so on, but actually each customer has only 1 page, if it display 1/10, it is very confuse to the customer.

Please kindly help on this, million thanks!