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XS Advanced and XS Classic - MDC

Mar 09 at 02:49 PM


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Would it be possible to get more clarifications on the co-existence of the XS Classic (XSC) and the XS Advanced (XSA) in an MDC environment.

  • Is it mandatory at this point in time to have both engines up and running in parallel in an MDC setup ?
    • SAP recommends using XSA for new developments (for obvious reasons, i.e. Cloud Foundry)
    • However, existing SAP features in an MDC 2.0 SP2 point to the XSC (not XSA): i.e. executing a backup schedule from within the Hana Cockpit Admin console uses the XSC Job Scheduler and not the XSA Job Scheduler
    • HTTP/S access to the tenant databases is documented in the Hana 2.0 Admin Guide based on the XSC setup using the Web Dispatcher and not the Application Router (XSA setup).
  • Can we switch and use only the XSA engine in an MDC platform ? Or at this point in time both engines are required?

Thank you,


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Florian Pfeffer
Mar 09 at 07:00 PM

If you only rely on the XSA engine for your development purposes than XSC is not necessary anymore.

There are some standard SAP deliveries which are using still XSC, but if you not need them, you do not need XSC.

For all you new development tasks you should go with XSA. Also "old" XSC applications should be moved to XSA if you are planning to upgrade to the next major HANA version (which comes after HANA 2.0). With HANA 2.0 XSC was set to deprecated and will be removed with the next major version.


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Hello Florian,

Thank you for your clarification. I was a bit puzzled by the co-existence of the 2 engines, but your last statement is shedding some light on the future direction.



Sorin Stancu Mar 09 at 03:54 PM

I believe that due to the integrated nature of the XSC in the MDC platform, both engines are needed for maintenance and development tasks.

SAP delivers XSC as integrated in each tenant within the indexserver (and on systemdb within the nameserver), whereas the XSA is only one instance per system running on systemdb.

any other opinions ?

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