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Aug 03, 2008 at 06:05 AM

GR processing time


Hi -

I would like to produce product A on a certain date(lets say 08/20/08). I can only use this product after 7 days of QA hold time. So I have maintaned a GR processing time of 7 days on the product master.

When I plug in a planned order in the product planning table in PPDS for 08/20/08 ( the actual intention is to produce it on 08/20/08), the system backward schedules based on the strategy(backward) and creates an order with the start date of 08/13/08 and end date of 08/20/08. The production is on 08/13/08 and the resouce consumption is on 08/13/08.

I do understand that when we enter an order for a particular date, the system is using that date as the Availability date of the order and not the actual date of production and hence the start date of 08/13/08.

From what it looks like, the only way we can create an order for the correct day (of production/resouce consumption) is by creating an order on a day which is the actual date of production + the GR processing time. In this case, since GR time is 7 days and I want to produce on 08/20/08, I have to enter an order for 08/27/08. This has to be a manual calculation.

But the planners do not necessarily know what is the GR time for each of the products and it is very painful for them to go check the GR processing time for every product from the PPT and then since there are non-working days/shifts, they have to enter orders on a trial and error basis to get the order to start(produce) on the right day.

Can somebody please throw some light on how to deal with this problem?