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Aug 02, 2008 at 09:23 PM

SP1 issues & observations


This release is definitely a huge improvement in terms of stability. I've been working on it with a dashboard containing about 250 components for 2 days and have only experienced one crash while in the middle of things, which was after a long series of running previews while trying to figure out the dynamic visibility problem that's been mentioned in another thread - I think the crash was a memory problem.

Apart from the dynamic visiblity issue, as well as the slowness to display which has also been mentioned in other threads, here are a couple of other issues I've encountered:

1. I've notice that the Appearance/Text position and offset controls are disabled on a lot of components. For example, while they are enabled for the Title part of a radio button, they are disabled for the Labels. They are also disabled for all the Text attributes in chart components.

2. You can't unselect the 'show' box for chart Sub Titles without it also unselecting the Chart Title

3. I'm running it on a new Vista Home Premium PC. Whenever I close the program, it displays an Xcelsius has stopped working message - ie, seems to crash while executing the closing routine. Fortunately, this doesn't appear to corrupt anything, and it starts up again without issue.

I'll also reiterate a few usablity niggles I posted in May, just before the switchover to the SAP forums:

1. I find it annoying to lose the component and/or object browser when changing view - from, say the Canvas Only view to Canvas and Excel - if you've chosen to bring them into the foreground, I think they should stay there regardless of changing views.

2. Although having the spreadsheet built into the tool is certainly a big improvement, there's one aspect to the way it works that drives me crazy - and I think was better in v4.5. When linking a component property to a spot on the spreadsheet, the 'Select a range' pop-up does not bring the spreadsheet into the foreground. As a result, the only way to move around the spreadsheet to get to the cells of interest is being in the 'Canvas and Excel' view. To me, this severely limits the usefullness of the Canvas only view. This is also the case with linking to the spreadsheet in the data manager - if you don't have the Excel view up in behind the data manager, moving around the spreadsheet isn't possible. Going back to the original XCelsius 2008 release, I've lost count of the number of times I've cursed at the tool when being forced to change the view I'm in just to be able to change to a link in a single component. I find it so frustrating, I'd consider it a bug.

- Peter

ps - I've also noted that the time zone problem with retrieving date values via QaaWS has been corrected - well done!