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Mar 09, 2018 at 02:03 PM

SAPUI5 Smart table custom column - Issue



I am displaying a smart table, built with odata annotations. When the user selects a record, I want to navigate to another view. I tried with some annotations, but to no avail. So, to achieve this, I added a custom column as suggested here ->

All good -> it works in local IDE --> but after deploying it to the backend and when this is accessed from portal, I get some strange issues.

1. Have a selection field -> give a value and the list is displayed in smart table -> lets say 3 values as

  • val1
  • val2
  • val3

2. Give another value in the selection field -> result is 1 value -> which is val4, but the smart table displays

  • val1

--> though the network response shows val4 as the record.

I remove the custom column and all okay from the portal.

I am puzzled with this weird behavior. Don't know what/where is the problem. The only way I found to achieve navigation from smarttable to another (in my case) is by adding this custom column -> and use the press event of the ColumnListItem aggregation.

But what will cause a behavior like this ? Any help is appreciated,


Sathish R