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Aug 01, 2008 at 09:37 PM

HTTPS on Receiver Http Adapter


Hi ,

In the http receiver adapter , if i'm using 'https' communication where do i specify that . Is it in the RFC destination of type 'G' . I also read in some places that i would have to do that in the Receiver Agreement . But i think the security options in the Receiver Agreement are meant for adapters - XI, SOAP, Mail, or CIDX and i couldn't find anything for http.

Is there any need to specifiy it in the adapter . And in the RFC destination we would be giving the host name , port and the path prefix string . Do i have to activate the SSL option there, is that all thats needed to make sure that the receiver http adapter sends the message out via http.

PS. I've already enabled the SSL on my server in the abap stack .

Thanks & Regards,