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Aug 01, 2008 at 05:16 PM

SalesOrder ShipToCode


Good Day


I am having a bit of trouble when I generate a SalesOrder. Specifically, "sometimes" the incorrect ShipToAddress is coming up on the order even though I am sending the correct ShipToCode to the SalesOrder object. The address also is coming up blank sometimes or even the BillTo address shows in the ShipTo Address. Now, since it does work correctly with other ShipToCodes, I am really confused as to how to approach any kind of debuggin efforts.

When I enter a SalesOrder manually, the correct ShipTo Address appears when I use the same CardCode that would fail

when using my program.

So, I ask myself what is different from the manual process compared to what I am passing in my program to the SalesOrder object. I could not find any differences. Is there anyone that may have experienced this odd behavior that has some insight?

Ideas for tracking this down would be greatly appreciated.