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Aug 01, 2008 at 04:37 PM

SDM Patches Undeloyement



I am applying the patches for j2ee for solution manager from Stack 12 to Stack 15.

Some of the patches have been successfully deployed, while when it comes to the turn of Adobe document services, it is giving an error, and the rest of the patches are "not deployed".

The error Log says :

800.20070306123954.374077'/'1', grouped by :

Cannot login to the SAP J2EE Engine using user and password as provided in the Filesystem Secure Store. Enter valid login information in the Filesystem Secure Store using the SAP J2EE Engine Config Tool. For more information, see SAP note 701654. Wrong security credentials detected while trying to obtain connection to the J2EE Engine.

(message ID:

I have seen the note and It asks for the j2ee engine password to be changed.

I can guess the problem is the password was not changed in both the user store and configtool repository previously. Am I right?

My Major concern is if I can Undeploy the already deployed patches, as this seems to be the only option.


can I change the password and restart the SDM Server ( In the middle of a deployement), is this advisable?

Also, some information on why did the deployement process did not check for the j2ee password for the deployed components, will be great.

Please let me know if any other details are needed on this .