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BOM Material (ERLA) not exploding, delivery created

Mar 08 at 05:30 PM


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Hi there.

I was unable to find this scenario, would be great to get some input on the problem from experts.

We have a simple ERLA BOM-structure, but the BOM did not explode in the sales order ("Structure explosion for item is not possible"). But users were still able to confirm the warning message received, leaving only the BOM header on a sales order and save the order. Due to background processing, a delivery was created for the BOM header, but then of course without components. This in turn were completed and invoiced.

Is there a way to fix this problem? I mean, of course, to correct the initial error is one thing, but if it happened once, it will probably happen again. I'm thinking either that the warning message should be an error (V1578) (but it doesn't seem to be doable by standard), or that an "empty" BOM should not be deliverable. The item category does have delivery group enabled, but without components - that doesn't really help.

What would be the best way of handling this?

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1 Answer

G Lakshmipathi
Mar 09 at 05:37 AM

If the BOM is not exploding in sale order, the first check you need to make is in item category configuration the details of which you have not shared here neither the screen shot. Did you check there?

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Sorry for the late reply. Yes, the error for this particular case is fixed and handled through item category configuration.

I was more looking for any help on making sure the scenario doesn't happen again (ultimately invoicing a customer without delivering anything). I mean, you could add all kinds of item categories to make sure all BOM scenarios explode, but the fact that "an unexploded BOM-header" is deliverable is a problem in my opinion?

I mean, is there any form of standard operation that would reject the BOM-header in the sales order if it does not explode? Or that a BOM-header without components is rejected during delivery creation?


Very good observation!

One reason could be that Bom master record is not maintained. In that case, system would give an warning message to which user can ignore by clicking once more.

Can't you convert this warning message to error ?

Please update here when you will be able to meet this requirement.


Hi Kamlesh.

V1617 is the initial error, "No item category for component XXX (T184..)". At least it looks like an error, but not a hard one - you can still press enter.

Then you'll get a pop-up V1578 "Structure explosion for item XXX is not possible" - this is just information. Pressing enter leaves an unexploded BOM-header on the sales order.

It doesn't seem like these messages can be altered, am I mistaken?

If it can't be handled in an initial warning/error, could it possibly be handled with incompletion rules of either the sales document or a delivery document perhaps?