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Text object disappears behind crosstab in Crystal Report Viewer


I've written a Crystal Report that has a number of crosstabs in the footer. For each crosstab, I have a text object that is positioned in the blank space above the rows and to the left of the columns.

When i view the report in Crystal Reports, everything is fine. When I copy the report to our development server and view the report in the browser, the text objects disappear behind the crosstab.

I tried editing the report by right-clicking the crosstabs, highlighting "Move", and selecting "To Back". Additionally, I also tried right-clicking each text object, highlighting "Move", and selecting "To Front". I save the report, copy it to the server, and the issue persists.

I also tried cutting and pasting the objects, but that didn't work either. I confirmed that the text objects are behind the crosstab by 1) re-sizing the text object to stick out from the left side of the crosstab (which shows the text is cut-off where the crosstab begins) and 2) inspecting the element in the browser's developer tools. For the latter, when I find the element and click on it, I saw that there was a z-index. I tried increasing this and when I would hit a certain number, one of the elements would appear on the report. Further increasing it would cause more elements to appear. However, this only occurred on the current page. It didn't appear to have any effect on subsequent pages.

I tried clearing my browser cache and temporary files, clearing the server's temporary files, recycling the app pool, restarting the app, and rebooting the server, but nothing resolved the issue.

How can I get the text object to appear on top of the crosstab without re-writing the entire report or even re-creating the crosstabs/text objects?


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3 Answers

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    Mar 13, 2018 at 03:06 PM

    Since you are using Unmanaged Reports, not loading them from BOE then use CR for VS. It cannot get reports from BOE

    You can get from here:

    All info is on that WIKI page, must reads the update for SP 21.

    4.0 is end of life, no more patches.


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  • Mar 08, 2018 at 11:01 PM

    What SDK are you using?

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    • It's a Windows 2012 server running BOBI 4.0 .NET SDK SP08 with Crystal Report Viewer 14. We're running the reports on the website from a directory on the server instead of pulling them from Business Objects or using OpenDoc.

  • Mar 09, 2018 at 03:35 PM

    I failed to mention that the crosstab is formatted with a background color. After I performed some further testing, I found that if I unchecked the background checkbox on the Border tab in the Format Crosstab... menu, that the text object appears. When I add it back, it disappears.

    I can understand that the absence of a background color would likely mean that the background color for the crosstab is transparent, by default, but it seems strange that the text object would lose z-index at the introduction of a background color on the crosstab when the text object has been set to Move ->To Front in the context menu for the text object (and/or the crosstab has been set to Move -> To Back in the context menu).

    I should also note that when I export it to PDF, the text object appears as it should. It's only in the Crystal Report Viewer that isn't rendering properly.

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