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Fiori Frontend product component SP vs Notes

Mar 08 at 04:09 PM


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Dear all,

we currently have deployed Fiori MTE app in SP 0 on our Fiori Frontend Server (UITRV001 200 0000)

We probably will be upgrading this component via SPs to current SP4 but just being curious:

Would it be equally safe (from a technical point of view, of course it is more error prone / tedious) to get from current SP 0 to SP4 by just implenting all those notes within one by one? The notes don't seem to be restricted to the acutal SP, so currently my system would allow me to implement even as we are on SP 0 and not on SP4

Many thanks and kind regards


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2 Answers

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Tracy Barkley
Mar 09 at 02:46 PM


I normally recommend applying SPs as you get all current fixes, possibly new features and they are generally easier to update, but theoretically from a technical standpoint, it should be about the same.


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Tejas Chouhan Mar 09 at 02:55 PM

Hi Jens,

Sometimes if there is a major change, SAP will recommend to go for an SP upgrade, since most of the notes can't carry heavy changes. So better to perform SP upgrade. Make sure your frontend and backend components are in sync.


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Many thanks, I would have marked both correct, but since Tracy Barkley was first... :-D However one additional remakr to your answer: Make sure your frontend and backend components are in sync: I repeatedly struggle about that when planning upgrades to our Fiori Hub / connected Backends such as HCM.

In an ideal world it would be wise to have backend and frontend components of an app on the latest SPs. Now that's not always possible due to release cycles, manpower, frozen zones, etc - you name it. If that can't be done I have the following experiences (maybe you differ, maybe you agree to some point, let me know)

  • It is often more feasible to have the backend component on a higher SP than the frontend component
  • It's an per-app requirement if there's a tight coupling between backend and frontend component SPs. Some app need this tight coupling, some apps are more relaxed.

I also asked this question here:



Jens Schwendemann

Yes Correct. What i meant with the sync was, do check the marketplace for the component version against front-end and back-end. :)