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Aug 01, 2008 at 12:42 PM

VB Macro (BW 3.5)


Hi ppl,

I am new to VB.

I have a requirement where I have info object YVENDOR which is compounded with 0LOGSYS.

In the query output (workbooks) I want to truncate the 0logsys part.

eg: the output is DVCLNT900/59000001, but I want to show only 59000001part.

I know we can restrict the query with 0logsys but it works only for one sourcesystem.But I need all sourcesystem data.

The user can distinguish the data from text of vendor itself hence the same number repeating from different source will have different text.But he wants to see number too.

I tried writing formula but it wont retain on refresh as YVENDOR is characteristic and the formula right next to it gets replaced by the next characteristic on refresh..

The req is like I need a dummy column right next to YVENDOR and withough logsys and this should be retained after refresh.

If not VB is there anyother method to achieve it.I am on BW 3.5.