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Aug 01, 2008 at 12:29 PM

Proper with reversal of advance billing request


Hello all SAP gurus,

I have used a milestone billing plan & assigned it to my item category & document type also. The item category is "3rd party item category". The settings in the item category are as under:

Billing relevance = Order related billing - billing plan

Billing Plan type = Z1 (Z1 is a milestone billing plan)

I created a third party sales order. The PO has not yet been generated. As per the billing plan 3 milestone dates have been determined as under:

1. 25% as advance

2. Remaining as closing invoice.

I created an advance payment request using document type "FAZ" in transaction code "VF01". The system created a request & an accounting document is showed in the document flow. I checked the accounting document & for the line item the system shows the posting key as "09 - special G/L Debit". Also the special G/L indicator shown is "F - down payment request". The system did not show this in the transaction code "FBL5N".


I want to reverse/cancel the advance payment request but when i try to reverse/cancel it, the system gives the following error:

"0090061853 000010 Date 20080731 has already been billed (billing plan)"

90061853 is the advance payment request document number created using transaction code VF01 & 20080731 is the date.

Please guide me as to how do i cancel/reverse the advance payment request..................

Clarification: Advance payment request is created in VA01 with reference to original sales order or it is created in VF01.

Thanks & regards,

Allabaqsh G. Patil.