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regarding bank integration using PI

Mar 08 at 12:06 PM


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I am working on SAP to BANK integration using PI. bank has provided HTTPS link for pulling the statement with following condition.

Request message should be signed by private key

Response message will be signed by Bank B2B and should be verified and unsigned by Bank B2B public key.

Response message will be encoded BASE64.

Please help me with below points.

1. I am planning to use RFC adapter from SAP to PI, but from PI to BANK, should i use SOAP or HTTP_AAE receiver adapter ? It will synchronous call.

2. Bank will provide private key, which i will install in PI system and will use in synchronous receiver adapter. How can i use bank public key to verify response and decode it.

3. Is there any setting required in PI NWA for using SSL for HTTPS call ?


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1 Answer

Pavan Dogiparthy Mar 08 at 12:46 PM


1. you can use soap adapter and configure the url provided by bank and also enable security profile will get public key from the bank not private key which you need to import into the keystore view TrustedCAs so that same can be used in Encryption.

For Request you can sign and Encrypt ( Sign using own private key and Encrypt using Banks public key)

For Response you can Decrypt and validate(Decrypt using own private key and validate using Banks public key)

Please refer below blog for ready reference



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