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"Allow others to request to join this group" SAP Jam

Mar 08 at 10:49 AM


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Hi community,

in the group settings there is the checkbox "Allow others to request to join this group" (see screenshot).

In release 1802 we get the option also to make the name and description of the private group visible for others and then be able to request a membership of the group.

But how to use just the checkbox "Allow others to request to join this group"? If I cannot see the name in the search function, because the checkbox "allow others to discover this group" is disabled, how to generally request to join the group? What is the business case behind this scenario?

Best regards,


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Christian Happel
Mar 08 at 01:22 PM

Hi Deborah,

we heard from customers early on that they were also publishing links to content located in SAP Jam groups in other places, whether that was in other SAP Jam groups, in newsletters or just emails.

Sometimes these links reached people that didn't have access to the group. In that case they got a message "access denied" without any further way to proceed. They were basically stuck.
With the ability to allow people to request to join a group, it's easy to control access and still handle such situations without having to leave SAP Jam. People will still see an "access denied" message but they can then also request access to the group without having to know who the administrators of the group are.

Now, we also heard from multiple customers that because private groups weren't visible at all, people were creating several groups with the same purpose. There with the 1802 release we also introduced the second flag that allows people to find such groups based on the title and the description and then being able to request access to it, instead of just creating a second, new group for the same topic.

Let me know if that helps.

Best, Christian

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Thanks Christian for explaining the business scenarios between these two flags! Yes, it helps :)


Christian Happel is it possible to set these two flags as default for the group creation of private groups?


That isn't possible at this point just yet.


ok, that's a pity