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Open SQL queries in SAP ABAP 7.4

Hi Experts,

I'm new to open SQL in ABAP HANA. We wish to get the entire data in a single select itself by using SQL queries. I have tried to get the total amount of a material for a particular movement type and subtract it with total amount of a different material for other movement type. I used SUM () and CASE to get the total amount for a movement type but i couldn't subtract both in the select statement.

Is it possible to do so in a select?

Note: It would be really helpful if any of you could share any blogs/documents which has complex SQL queries in ABAP HANA 7.4.

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  • It looks like you are new to SQL too, no? So you need a SQL training first. Then, it's not a SAP topic. Or read the ABAP documentation, there are lots of simple and complex examples.

  • Are you new SQL, or are you coming from an SQL background? If the former, this isn't really the place to get training - but if you search, you'll find some really useful blogs and documents, and even some tutorials to work through - not just on, but everywhere all over the net.

    If the latter, I think you need to share what you've tried. Describing a query in general terms isn't specific enough.

  • Hello

    Please be more specific so that we can help.

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