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Aug 01, 2008 at 11:16 AM

Problems with encoded parenthesis in URL of BSP application



our BSP application has following url:


After login we addionaly get a parentheses-part in the url (url mangling):


Everything works fine as far as we access the sap-host dircetly. When we want to access over Websphere-Portal with a proxy-servlet (reverse-proxy), the login is correct and after login we get an error 404 (not found). This happens because the proxy encodes the parentheses in the url with %28 and %29. Another problem is, that i have no chance to change the proxy-configuration, because it´s not in my responsibility.

Is there any possibility to get the icm/icf work with these encoded parenthesis?

I didn´t find anything helpful in the sdn/forums/wiki...

Thx a lot!