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C4C Assignment Replication in shows no assignment in C4C

Mar 08 at 08:59 AM


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We are sending attached Payload via CPI to C4C Webservice "assignment replication in" without an error in monitoring of webservices.
The emloyee 18 exists with working time and the request contains the itm UUID. Inside C4C we can't see any assignment.

Is there something missing to see an assignment in C4C ?

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2 Answers

Diogo Peretti
Mar 11 at 12:39 AM

Please check the following points:

1. The Assignment message to C4C should contain the Ticket UUID in the format like (00163E06551B1EE88887361B6C88AD3C). It should be the Ticket UUID for which the assignment is being created.

2. The Assignment message to C4C also needs the Ticket Item UUID in the same format (00163E06551B1EE88887361B6C88AD3C). It should match the Ticket Item UUID for which assignment is being created. Both the Ticket UUID and Item UUID is sent out of C4C as part of the DemandReplication outbound message, when a ticket is released for scheduling

3. The Resource ID contained in the Assignment message, should have an ID Mapping to a C4C Service Technician (Employee).

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Bodo Körner Mar 16 at 08:30 AM

Hi Diogo,
it seems that you are working on an old C4C Version. We are working on :

Solution Version1802.02.0008

Ad 1./2. Inside our C4C -Version the UUID is sent out as "00163e10-b464-1ed8-88d7-0ceb17b358c1"
If we use Ticket UUID and ITEM UUID as this in assignment in, the message monitoring shows no error, but no assignment is shown inside.
If we use the format that you gave above there is an error like this:


Ad 3. In our Version the ID MApping has no point "Employee" but external "Business Partner" we maintained the mapping for the used person but no success.

This was our Payload for Assignment In:

<ns1:DemandAssignmentMassRequest xmlns:ns1=""> <MessageHeader> <ID>523</ID> <CreationDateTime>2018-03-15T00:00:00Z</CreationDateTime> <SenderParty> <InternalID schemeAgencyID="310" schemeID="CommunicationSystemID">VISITOURVIAHCI</InternalID> </SenderParty> <RecipientParty> <InternalID schemeAgencyID="310" schemeID="CommunicationSystemID">0M25TKD</InternalID> </RecipientParty> </MessageHeader> <DemandAssignmentRequest> <BasicMessageHeader> <ID>523</ID> </BasicMessageHeader> <DemandAssignmentRequest> <TicketUUID>00163E10B4641ED888D70CEB17B358C1</TicketUUID> <TicketItem> <ItemUUID>00163E10B4641ED888D715A8D981393B</ItemUUID> <ItemAssignment> <ResourceID>18</ResourceID> <StartDateTime timeZoneCode="CET">2018-03-16T10:00:00Z</StartDateTime> <Duration unitCode="MIN">22</Duration> <AssignmentCategory>S</AssignmentCategory> <Description>00163E10B4641ED888D70CEB17B358C1</Description> </ItemAssignment> </TicketItem> </DemandAssignmentRequest> </DemandAssignmentRequest> </ns1:DemandAssignmentMassRequest>

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