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Aug 01, 2008 at 09:21 AM

production version - restrict usage


hi all,

i have a complex scenario, where we have to restrict the MRP from using the previous production version, and assign the second production version to new planned orders. however, we also want to leave the old production version intact in the past planned orders.

i have tested by locking the old production version but system wouln't allow my planned order to convert into a prod. order.

i also tried using validity dates:

Prod version 1 : validity up to today (ex. 8/1/2008 )

Prod version 2: validity starts tom (ex 8/2/2008)

however, if i limit the first version, then check my planned order (which have start & finish dates of 8/29/08), the system gives me an error. i want the system to continue, because the prod version is all already assigned.