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ORA-00020 Error in CMS Database in BO 4.2 SP3

Mar 08 at 05:29 AM


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The BO Version was upgraded a year ago to 4.2 SP3 Patch 1 and the CMS Database version is 12c with the number of processes value set to 1024. No issues until last week, where the CMS Database had too many connections at a particular hour and had to bring down the database abruptly as it was not able to take any new connections.

The processes were increased to 2048 but the issue repeated after some days again. The error ORA-00020 is found in the logs with too many connections from the user AUDBIUSER which is the user for Audit logs.

All the schedules and publications ran without any failures on the days of the database issues.

The issue does not occur every day but intermittently in the past month. Is any specific recommendations from SAP for Oracle database parameters for CMS database?

Any lead is appreciated. Thanks.

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4 Answers

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Priyadharshini Sekar 4 days ago

This issue is found as a known issue with the BI version 4.2 SP3.

Please refer the SAP Note -

Thanks everyone who responded.

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Prithviraj Rajpurohit Mar 08 at 11:12 AM


Please check sapnote

2402362 - ORA-00020 after upgrading to oracle 12c

1888485 - Database Parameter for

Hope that helps



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Kunal Kharat Mar 08 at 11:20 AM

Hi Priyadharshini,

It would be the time for audit database cleanup.

This usually happens when the audit data goes past the retention days, and BO starts cleaning up the data.

Please cross check the audit data time with CMC -> Auditing -> [Delete Events Older than (days)].


Kunal Kharat

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Denis Konovalov
Mar 08 at 12:52 PM

You have too many contradictions in your question:
1. You mention upgrade, but it was a year ago and issues started recently - so what possible relation does that has with the issues ?

2. You mention that the errors are for AUDIT DB connection/DB, but then asking for CMS DB on Oracle tuning - Audit DB and CMS DB are 2 different databases, which should be tuned differently.

Your DBA should analyze both DB's performances and usage patterns and tune the Oracle accordingly.

CMS DB behaviour is lots and lots of small reads, occasional large read or write.
Audit DB is - lots of writes, occasional large reads.

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