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Aug 01, 2008 at 08:55 AM

Problem in Graphical message mapping.Need UDF to add array based on some co


Hi All,

I have been struck in message mapping.Below i am explaining it,

I have two input array,

one array lets call X [24]





other array is Y [10]




[14] .length of both the array will be same .

Now I want the output as: if there is any same value in first array i.e array X then corresponding value of second array should be added.i.e in array X if 24 is coming as twice (1st and 4th) then 1st and 4th value of array Y will be added.So here there will be only three output as Z[23]



Please guide me if posiible .I tried to use the for loop but its not working as the value of X is repeating.