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Aug 01, 2008 at 07:12 AM

BW Early watch report ( SBIW )


Hi All,

We have received the early watch report for BW and in that It has mentioned to do SBIW ( IMG ) activity as follows:


Upload customizing BW (SBIW)

One part of table ROIDOCPRMS in every SAP source system controls the data transfer from the source systems

to this system. Table ROIDOCPRMS contains the following information:

maxsize - Maximum size of an IDoc packet in KB

statfrqu - The number of packets that are transferred before statistical information is sent

maxlines - Maximum number of records sent in one IDoc packet

maxprocs - Maximum number of dialog work processes for each upload request used to send the data to the


The correct setup of this table is important for performance and stability of the upload process. We checked the

setup of this table for all source systems connected to this system.


SAP asks to change the entries and it has given recommendations. I hope this will increase the rate of Data Transfer from ERP to BW.

My Questions :


01. My question is they have mentioned to set this in the respective Source System. i.e. Should I set it in the Production System.

02. one more thing. It is also required to create a transport request to do the above operation. for that case, should I create a Transport Request in the Production System. ? Is that generally ok ? how it is handled usually ??

03. To execute SBIW Transaction, what authorization is required ? and how to check which authorization is required to execute SBIW ??

Please throw me some light on this.

Thanking you in Anticipation.

Thanks & Regards

L Raghunahth

PS : If you know answer to any particular one also, please feel free to answer.