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Analysis for Office AD SSO problem with Tomcat 8 Check

The new and updated version or BI Platform Support Tool 2.1.1 now supports Tomcat 7, and it has some new features and alerts.

Like the one mentioned in the subject.

Now I can't help wondering, why I receive an alert for an AO issue with Tomcat 8, when I am clearly running Tomcat 7.

Either the alert or text should change if it is relevant for me, or it should only be shown if I was in fact using Tomcat 8

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    Mar 07, 2018 at 04:21 PM

    Hi Thomas,

    Thanks for posting. We are investigating this and will come back asap


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    • Hi Thomas,

      This is valuable feedback, thank you.

      Let me address a few of your points:

      1. Regarding how alerts are treated by SAP Support:

      • I'll add a disclaimer in the alerts report stating that the alerts are meant to be clues and items to evaluate but not an absolute indicator of a problem.
      • There is some training happening this year with BI support which will reinforce the above^ to avoid this type of response from support and for them to think more critically when an alert is triggered.

      2. The number of FRS retries alert has been removed. This alert came from the solution manager go-live service and after some deep diving into the code we found that the parameter does not do what we think it does (the admin guide is not exactly correct or specific enough in it's description). We are following up with dev to see if it's possible to make it more useful at which point the alert would make sense. There's more info in the below post if you're interested in learning more:

      3. So if the alerts provided is the “standard” them I would just like them to be correct and relevant

      We do our best to make them as accurate as possible but we do run into issues once they are released to the wild. As you are aware there's a million possible variables which would be introduced in the BI environment. We do our best to correct any issues asap :)

      Thanks for the support!