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Cannot login to DTR after upgrade to NW 7.5 SP10


We have upgraded our NetWeaver environment from 7.40 to 7.50 SP 10.

We have updated the SLD to use the new 7.50 components, created a new track based on these components, and used NWDS 7.50 SP 10 to load the Development Configuration.

This all works fine. We can open our DC's, create an activity, and check-in and activate our changes.


If we now close NWDS, open it again and login to our Development Configuration, syncing the DC's for our SC (or simply select 'Refresh') results in the following error: Exception getting workspace by URL:Accessing server root property (XCM_CLIENT:minVersion) failed: Unauthorized (Accessing server root property (XCM_CLIENT:minVersion) failed: Unauthorized)
Caused by: com.tssap.dtr.client.lib.vfs.VfsException: Accessing server root property (XCM_CLIENT:minVersion) failed: Unauthorized
	at com.tssap.dtr.client.lib.vfs.config.impl.VfsContext.getServerProperty(
	at com.tssap.dtr.client.lib.vfs.impl.VersionedFileSystemManager.clientVersionCheck(
Caused by: com.tssap.dtr.client.lib.vfs.config.ConfigurationException: Unauthorized
	at com.tssap.dtr.client.lib.vfs.config.impl.Server.initializeProperties(
	at com.tssap.dtr.client.lib.vfs.config.impl.Server.getProperty(
	at com.tssap.dtr.client.lib.vfs.config.impl.VfsContext.getServerProperty(
	... 18 more
Caused by: com.tssap.dtr.client.lib.deltavlib.DeltavException: Unauthorized
	at com.tssap.dtr.client.lib.deltavlib.impl.DeltavCommand.checkResponseStatus(
	at com.tssap.dtr.client.lib.deltavlib.impl.DeltavCommand.execute(
	at com.tssap.dtr.client.lib.deltavlib.impl.AbstractResource$PropFinder.load(

As a result, we cannot get to our previously opened Activities, and thus not check-in and transport through the landscape.

Note we can perfectly access all areas from the NWDI web interface (DTR, CBS, CMS, etc) using the same logon ID.

Also, if we remove the Development Configuration and import it again, the functionality is back -- until we close and open NWDS again.

Any help in resolving this issue is highly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,

Robin van het Hof

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2 Answers

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    Mar 07, 2018 at 03:00 PM

    Hi Robin,

    This is not a topical issue. First I would start with double checking the URLs in CMS.
    (CMS --> Landscape Configurator --> Track Data, here you can check the DTR and CBS URLs
    CMS --> Landscape Configurator --> Domain Data, CMS and SLD URLs).

    If everything is correct I would double check the NWDI_CMSADM username and password in the CMS whether you are able to log into the SLD with the NWDI_CMSADM user * same password * maintained in the NWDI.

    If everything should be changed after I would suggest to resave your track and import it again to your NWDS.

    Please let me know whether these hints solve your issue or not.

    Best regards,

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  • Mar 07, 2018 at 04:58 PM

    Hello Robin,

    In addition to what Szabolcs has recommended, I would like to mention it is worthy to cross check whether there are some Proxy settings (proxy mappings and etc.) on the communication route between the NWDS and the DTR.

    Is it possible that the connection call is redirected to some other port than the configured HTTP one? (f.e. it is re-routed to HTTPS or different than the HTTP).


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