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Field fill with Zero in FMDERIVE

Mar 08 at 03:30 PM


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ello Gurus

A Help or suggestion. When I visualize a cost center this has 8 characters. when I compare its value to execute the derivation rule it shows me the value with 10 characters, filled with zeros to the left and can not find it, however if it is in the rule. ¿Any experience and solution with this problem?

1cost-center.png (39.8 kB)
2source-field.png (60.4 kB)
3ruler.png (17.2 kB)
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Eli Klovski
Mar 09 at 08:02 AM


Please, check the following OSS note if you have a release >= 6.04:

2097973 - FMDERIVE_ENH:Incorrect Rule Value Format For Saved Values

However, this note would be relevant only if you use enhanced FMDERIVE option.

Don't be alarmed by the fact that the value is presented with leading zeros in derivation log, though. The rule should be still working.

Post the screenshot of your rule. Make sure, that you have 'override' option switched on.



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Hi Eli

Very Thanks!!!

The version is 618 Enhanced (PSM_FM_CI_1) is active. I will verify the note and comment the result


Augusto Hector

Attach screen shot (number 4) of rule.

Augusto Encarnacion

I see in your rule that company code starts with '80' (it's truncated). However, in your FMDERIVE trace screen, company code is set to '1000'.


Its correct. I was wrong. Even with values with leading zeros the system compares them well

Very Thansk Eli

Augusto Encarnacion

You're welcome! :)