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Use Arial font in SO10 text for mail

Mar 08 at 03:26 PM


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We got a report which is sending reminder mails to the employees. The customer wants those mails to be in font size 10 and font type arial.

The font size I think is adjustable via SE72. I also tried to set a 'font family' here. But I couldn't find 'arial'.

I already experimented a bit with SE73 to create a font family.

But I'm still not sure if I can use the typical 'arial' font type (like we got it in Word) in my mails. Do I first have to import that font or something like that?

Thanks and kind regards.

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2 Answers

Raymond Giuseppi
Mar 08 at 03:46 PM

Wasn't originally Arial a low-cost HELVE type, so?

If you actually require it, read 1151806 - Arial Unicode MS TrueType fonts from Monotype Corp. and look at attachments.

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Thanks for the reply.

I just searched for a font family and found one called 'HELVE'. The RTF-Fontinfo is '\fswiss\fcharset&&& Arial' so I tried to use it in my style. I added the style to my SO10 text and set the format parameter for every line to 'AB' which is defined in my syle.

I also found a RTF-Fontinfo '\fswiss\fcharset204 Arial' and tried it as well.

For some reason there is no change in the mail I get. No size change nor font style.

Is there anything I miss?

Thanks for the SAP Note btw. Problem here is that we can't simply download those things because of an internal restriction. :/ So it would be nice to manage this requirement with the tools we got right now.


How is the actual mail generated, is it converted from a smartforms, sap script form into a pdf attachment, converted in html and included in mail body, with which tool?


We just read the SO10 text via function module 'READ_TEXT' and then send it via class methods 'cl_bcs', 'cl_document_bcs', etc.

 lo_document = cl_document_bcs=>create_document(
i_type = 'RAW'
i_text = lt_text
i_length = '12'
i_subject = 'Offene Aufgabe in MSS'
i_sensitivity = 'O').
lo_sendrequest->set_document( lo_document ).

I'm new to SAP so I'm not pretty sure which one of those tools you mentioned this is. But here is a piece of code where a document is create with the 'lt_text' (TYPE: bcsy_text) which contains the SO10.


So there is no notion of font in your mail, just a flat notepad text? I would have converted text to html with CONVERT_ITF_TO_HTML and use the result html table as the main body of the mail (i_type = 'HTM')


Hey, thanks for the reply.

I'm currently on it to make the changes. But I'm not sure how the font will change.

Will the HTML take the changes which are saved in my style or do I have to change the font in the new html directly?


First look at the generated html style, with some luck you won't be required to adapt... Else some find and replace strings may be enough.

Dominic Überall Apr 30 at 10:14 AM

Because the customer didn't want to put more effort in just the font this topic got canceled.

Unfortunately I didn't have time to try this HTML stuff right now. Would be interesting if this should work. Maybe the next days I can try that.

Thanks for the help so far!

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