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Aug 01, 2008 at 12:38 AM

Does each query template call within a repeater re-create the connection?


Version: 11.5.1.b57


How exactly does query template calls from a BLS work? Does each call re-create the connection to the database, or does the connection stay open for awhile?

Specifically, in my situation we are making query template calls to a database within a repeater loop to insert rows and I'm curious whether it is recreating the connection each time. We can't insert all the rows at once because of JDBC limitations, so have to insert row by row. We are reading the data from an xml file and then inserting the data into the database and the performance seems slower than I would have expected (even inserting row by row). Currently it is taking around ~4m to insert ~2600 records into the database.

I thought one of two things would be causing the slow speed.

1. XMII is recreating the DataBase connection for each query template call

2. The repeat reading from the XML document is time-consuming as 11.5 BLS XML manipulation is slow.

Thanks for the help.