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How to Use Reuse Library Change History

Mar 08 at 01:54 PM


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Hi Expert,

In the Previous Release, SAP has brought a Reuse Library Change History.

Problem Statement

My scenario in which I want to use this Reuse Library Change History is on change of the value of Extension Drop Down Field in Common Node of the Account XBO.

If the value selected by the user is different from the previous value we need to reset another field with some value. We want in this way because in case there is Mass Update then this Logic will prevent mass update to reset the value of another field.

Now the Reuse Library Change History is only giving change history of Root Node fields of Account.

Logic used

myAccountChangeHistory = ChangeHistory.Read("AP.FO.BusinessPartner.Global:Customer", AccountUUID);// this is giving only the list of changes of the Field on the Root Node, whereas I need change history of a field on Common Node.

Requesting all Experts to kindly share their input on this Issue.


Nabarun Barua

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1 Answer

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Dedeepya Reddy
Mar 08 at 02:46 PM

Hi Nabarua

For node specific changehistory you need to pass the NODE name in the API call, refer the syntax (also available in guide)

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Hi Dedeepya,

Thanks for Quick Reply I tried out but it still giving only Root Data. I'm just posting the script I used.

myAccountChangeHistory = ChangeHistory.Read("AP.FO.BusinessPartner.Global:Customer", AccountUUID,"Common");

Please check if this script is wrong or not?

Thanks & Regards

Nabarun Barua