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Jul 31, 2008 at 09:41 PM




I've been doing some reading on using APPLICATION_SCOPE or TASK_SCOPE for model components.

What I understand is that by default APPLICATION_SCOPE is used and this is to optimise the number of connections to the backend (ABAP) by making sure that if several components use the same model, they will use the same connection.

Now, you can also set TASK_SCOPE which will not share the connection but will disconnect after each operation to the ABAP backend.

Could anyone enlighten me further on the advantages of using APPLICATION_SCOPE ? Does it have functionnal advantages such as allowing you to do multiple updates before commit ?

Also, if a user is running 2 applications which use the same connection pool and the same model object with APPLICATION_SCOPE, will he use 1 or 2 connections to the backend.

I'm trying to find reasons why using TASK_SCOPE would not be good but other than the impact of connecting and disconnecting to the system, it seems better since it would use less connections and thus eat up less memory on the ABAP side.

Thanks for your advice.