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Jul 31, 2008 at 08:23 PM

WEBI Break on a Calculated Date Column


I am working on a WEBI report where i want to break on a column which is a calculated one. The calculation is very simple. I have a Date column in the report. The second column is Previous ( Date Column). So i have 2 date columns in my report. I am using a function called DaysBetween to find a difference between the two date columns. The report format looks like this

Col1 Col2 DateDiff

02-01-2008 02-01-2008 0

02-01-2008 02-01-2008 0

02-01-2008 02-01-2008 0

02-01-2008 01-26-2008 5

02-01-2008 01-31-2008 1

When i break on DateDiff column i would expect the above data to be grouped by 3 different cat. ( 0, 5,1 ). But what i get is 5 different groups. is there a reason why. Any adice on this issue with be greatly appriciated.