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Jul 31, 2008 at 07:50 PM

ECC Windows APP SERVERS to offload 2 of 5 DIA instances from i570-10way


We need a cost effective solution to get us over a hump for a few months.

We recently created 2 more DIA instances on our i570 ECC 6.0 Unicode server and due to the nature of the ABAP code running on those 2 instances (SAP pricing routines), we just cannot absorb the CPU demand and are pegging the CPU utilization frequently.

So, we need to separate the 2 new DIA instances and remove them from the i5. (already running CI & 3 DIA instances)

We only need to run this application in this fashion for about 5 months, so don't want to heavily invest in adding 2 more i5 CPU's (which are already in the box being a 10way) and about 20+GB more memory.

Has anyone successfully put Intel / Windows app servers into their i5 solution landscape? Anything special required to support this multi-platform <SID>.

Realize the kernels would be different and not sure the complexities that will introduce, but we're already in discussion with Volker G. to take care of that for us.

Don't have to be concerned about backup strategy as the APP servers don't change except as a result of a kernel patch.

Don't need too much disk, so can go with internel to the xSeries server.

Naturally, there will be overhead from the APP server to DB but that's acceptable (within reason)

Sizing for xSeries -- 4way/quad core 32GB memory for each app server?

Feedback very much appreciated -- been running ECC on i for 10.5 years now


Doreen Anderson