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Problem creating t-code for classical report?

Mar 08 at 12:36 PM


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Hello Everyone,

I have searched a lot and everyone has suggested to use t-code se93 , i also tried the same way. but it is still not working showing the same error (can't save in foreign namespace). I have tried to create it by saving my report and t-code both in package but no improvement , can anyone help me out.

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Is that the exact error you see? "can't save in foreign namespace"? What is the name of your T-Code and what is the name of your report.

Matthew Billingham

Hi sir,

I am sorry for replying late, but the exact error is "Test objects cannot be created in foreign namespaces". Tcode name i am providing is SD_REPORT and Report Name is ZREPORT.



Usually we create Custom Objects with Z or Y or any other naming convention that your client has registered with.

Did you checked the existing Custom Tcodes (TSTC) naming pattern in your system and tried to name your t code in a similar way ?



Another thought is to check the development class. But really we are all guessing at this point without your program / tcode. A screen shot would help too!


Hi ,

My issue is got resolved, i simply did it ,the way we do for module pool using SE80.

But thanks to all for the concern.

Thank you.

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2 Answers

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Horst Keller
Mar 11 at 04:55 PM
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Dennis Sledge Mar 09 at 01:20 PM

Hi Achin,

In your development instance you will create the report in the Standard area then you will use SE93 to create the custom tcode to access the report.

In SE93 create the tcode by first providing a name (such as 'ZMYREPORT'). The 'Default values for': 'Transaction' should be 'START_REPORT'. Check all options (if desired) for the 'GUI Support' section. In the default values block provide the following:



D_SREPOVARI-EXTDREPORT (Provide the report name)

D_SREPOVARI-REPORT (Provide the report user group name)

Save SE93 and add to a transport request. Test out in the Dev environment and transport when ready.



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