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Jul 31, 2008 at 04:35 PM

Listbox to trigger "at selection-screen output"



I'm creating a selection screen, in which I need a materialnumber as one of the parameters. This maybe any number, but most of the time it'll be one of the defaults stored in a table, and known by a description.

I thought of using a listbox for this, and this does work, but this needs the value to be always one of the list. Using another parameter works fine (eg after pressing enter, and filling the second parameter with the selected number).

But another step I'd like to add, is when I select a value in the listbox, the value in the second parameter gets filled (or changed). This could work if the selection of a value would trigger the "at selection-screen output" (like when pressed enter), but I don't see this as possibility.

Anyone has an idea, or a suggestion for another way to solve this (being able to fill in any value, but the user must have the possibility to select a default)

More visual than as a text:

The basic table might be considered like:

DEFAULT1     111111
DEFAULT2     222222
DEFAULT3     333333

At the selection screen the user should have the option to select in a listbox: DEFAULT1, DEFAULT2, DEFAULT3 ; and the program will than use the matnr represented by that name. But any other materialnumber should work as well...

(I hope this makes it a little more clear 😊)