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Jul 31, 2008 at 04:31 PM

BAPI extention to work order aiming AUFK custom field filling


Hi to all,

I'm actually operating with BAPI


among several updating using within structure BAPI already provide, I'm willing to update a custom fields spotted and visible in tabstrip Extension inside IW33 transaction,

It's a custom field rowed within an append structure in table AUFK, wich I would like to get updated througout the Extension bapi's structure,

'I found along dictionary the structure 'BAPI_TE_AUFK wich i

could use to reach my aim,

Sneaking around forum I also picked up some example

on how to feed the Extension structure to get BAPI

updating my AUFK z( field),

Real problem is I don't have in Dictionary the corresponding structure as BAPI_TE_AUFKX to gain BAPI_TE_AUFK updated....,


it1_bapi_te_aufk-zzfield1 = wa_data-ebeln.

it1_bapi_te_aufk-zzfield2 = 'X'.

it1_bapi_te_aufk-zzfield1 = 'X'.

it1_bapi_te_aufk-zzfield2= 'X'.

How should I solve that?

What a should get to do in order to have the twin structure x

available and globaly the BAPI sensitive to may zfield in AUFK?

Thanks a lot in advance to any help anyone could use,